CableJive samDock - Dock Adapter for legacy Samsung devices
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End of Life: samDock is no longer available. We may be able to locate individual units in the future and will make these available for sale here when that happens.

samDock lets you use Samsung Galaxy smartphones (SII/III & Note I/II) with docking speakers or iPod/iPhone car kits - great for repurposing an older smartphone as a car media player!

A single cable connects Samsung Galaxy devices to the world of iPod and iPhone docks. Plug in. Charge. Play music.

One cable connects Samsung Galaxy to the world of legacy iPhone audio docks and iPod car adapters. samDock is compatible with Samsung Galaxy devices, including the SIII & Note II. Use samDock to be connected to a great sound system like the Bose SoundDock or iHome Audio dock. Or, simply plug in to charge from an iPod dock. Does your car have an old Apple dock? samDock works in the car too. Plug in. Play music. Charge. Sync.

samDock is a 60 cm adapter cable from 30 pin legacy iPod/iPhone dock (f) to micro USB (m) that will pass music and charging current from the iPod car kit or iPhone docking speaker to your legacy Galaxy device.

NOTE: samDock does not work with Galaxy S5 / S6 / Note 4 or more recent models because Audio Output Mode is no longer implemented!




  • For Use With: Samsung Galaxy smartphones S2-S4 & Notes 1-3 and other Samsung Galaxy devices with Audio Out Put Mode in Settings. For details, see our post here.
  • Usage Note: "Audio Output Mode" setting not included in Galaxy S6, S5 & Note 4 or later models. As a result, the samDock is not compatible with the Galaxy S6, S5 & Note 4 or later models.
  • Connection: 30-pin to micro USB
  • Length: 24 inches, 61cm
  • Color: black
  • Power: 5V USB power required for charging
  • Power Note: If your iPod system is unable to charge an iPhone or iPod Touch, or if you connect the samDock to your Galaxy device and it does not charge, your system likely outputs old, 12V Firewire charging. Our dockStubz+ ("Plus" model) adapter can convert 12V power to 5V power and fix this problem.

*If you connect the samDock to your device and are unable to hear audio, make sure you have the right settings enabled: see our post here.



The samDock is compatible with many 30-pin iPod docking stations, including systems from Bose, iHome, JBL and other popular brands. However, there are some that suffer compatibility issues. Here are the systems that we have currently confirmed issues with:

samDock: Incompatible Systems
System Type Brands & Models
Standard iPod Audio Docks All models from Philips, Panasonic, Bowers & Wilkins, Bang & Olufsen, Denon, Onkyo, Pure
Sony Hi Fi models beginning in: "NAS" / "MHC" / "AIR" / "RD" / & "CMT" (however "CMT-LX20" IS compatible),
Yamaha's PDX-50 Wireless iPod System, TSX-140 Dock, & "MCR" models
iHome's "App Enhanced" docks (ex: iA100)
Belkin's "Thunderstorm" speaker system
Wadia's 170 iTransport
Factory Installed Car iPod Systems ALL factory installed car audio systems 2008 and newer,
Any and all factory systems (pre & post 2008) from Volkswagen, Audi, Nissan, Infiniti, & Mazda.
Aftermarket Car iPod Systems ALL Pioneer & Alpine systems,
Also, any systems that link to sophisticated Navigation units, or ones that "lock" the screens of connected iPod devices and force control through the car-installed system only. For more on that, read our post here.
Home Theater iPod Systems Pioneer, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Denon, Onkyo & Yamaha's "YDS" model interfaces
Bose SoundDock "Series I" SoundDock systems. (Serial Numbers typically starting in: "0357" or "0402")
(samDock DOES work with these systems, but our dockStubz+ ("Plus" model) adapter is required)
samDock is compatible with all other models of 30-Pin Bose SoundDock systems

If your specific system is not listed above, the samDock should work for you. However, we cannot possibly test for all systems. If you have any trouble with your samDock, or if you'd like to check specific compatibility with your system before you buy, contact our support team.