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Important: dockStubz+ currently is on backorder, with a lead time of several weeks. Due to the shipping situation out of China we currently are unable to provide an estimate of when we will ship orders. However, you may place backorders at any time and we will fulfill them in the order we receive them and we will update this statement as soon as we have reliable information! We do have a limited number of returned units that are fully tested but without packaging. If you find yourself in a bind and need one of those, please let us know in your order comments!

dockStubz is a small adapter for your audio dock or charge station so you can dock with your case on. Go ahead, get the great waterproof case you want, dockStubz is designed to take the hassle out of charging your phone. Choose between dockStubz Lightning and dockStubz+ (30 pin dock).

Made for iPhone 4/4S and older 30-pin Dock iOS devices.
There is a plus. The dockStubz Plus adapter includes charge conversion circuitry for older docks like the Bose SoundDock Series l, that do not charge while they are connected. Connect dockStubz+ Plus to your audio dock and connect your phone to dockStubz+ Plus and you will have audio AND charge.

Connect your phone or tablet to your favorite accessories with your case on, like microphones, Card Readers, dock stations*, audio docks & more with no data lost.

Extra Power
When connecting to passive 30-pin accessories, like the Composite AV cable or some automobile 30 pin dock aapters, the dockStubz+ also lets you inject power via a micro USB jack located on the side of the adapter.**

For a perfect experience, make sure to first connect dockStubz with the dock or speaker before you connect to the iPhone.

  • Specs and Compatibility


    Product Specifications: dockStubz +

    • Compatible with: Home, automobile**, and portable audio systems with an iPhone, iPod, or iPad docking station with a 30-pin connector
    • Use with: 30-pin iPod devices: iPod (Classic, Nano 1-6, Touch 1-4), iPad (Original-3), & iPhone (Original - 4S)
    • Dimension: 1 inch (H) x 1 inch (width) x .25 inch (depth)
    • Weight: .2 oz
    • Car Audio Note: **For Pioneer or a BMW / Mini Cooper "Y-Cable" iPod Interface systems, the dockStubz+ alone may not fix your charging issues. A simple solution is to use a Micro USB car charger and connect that to the Micro USB port on the dockStubz+ to bring charging to your system
    • Note 2: dockStubz+ is not able to inject power when used with the Apple Camera Connection Kit, and some popular music accessories like the Line 6 Sonic Port and Apogee Jam. To check specific compatibility with your accessory before you buy, contact our support team.