CableJive dockXtender Premium
with Fastcharge Indicator

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Your premium dock extension solution.
Keep your case on and connect to all your Lightning-equipped speaker docks & accessories with a dockXtender as durable as your case is. With custom molded solid aluminum housings and a male connector compatible with most covers & cases, dockXtender Premium can stand up to any situation where extra length is either wanted or required.

For iPhone 11 / X / SE2 / 8 / SE and all other Lightning Devices & Accessories.
This premium male Lightning to female Lightning dock extension solution passes full functionality from your Lightning-equipped dock or accessory through to any Lightning-equipped iDevice as if they were connected directly. Whether you need to extend charging, audio, video, or data, this dockXtender is ready to give you the reach you need.

New LED charging indicator for fast-charge accessories.
Fast-charging is here with new iPhone & iPad models, and dockXtender Premium will let you know how your device is charging. The LED indicator glows "amber" when your device is charging with normal power & "green" when in fast-charge mode, so you'll always know which type of power you are getting.
  • Specs and Compatibility


    Product Specifications: dockXtender Premium

        • Compatible with: Accessories equipped with Apple Lightning charging connection, such as audio docks, card readers, external microphones, charge stations.
          *This product does NOT work with 30-pin accessories, 30-pin audio docks or 30-pin charge stations (these were made for iPhone 4 and older iOS devices).
        • Use with:
          iPhone 11 (Pro/Pro Max), iPhone X (XR/XS/XS Max), iPhone 8 (plus), iPhone 7 (plus), iPhone 6 (Plus), iPhone 5/5C/5S, iPhone SE (2016 4" model), SE2 (2020 4.7" model)
          - iPad (4-7th gen), iPad Air (1-3rd gen), iPad mini (1-5th gen), iPad Pro (except 3rd Gen models with USB C)
          - iPod nano 7th gen, iPod touch 5-7th gen
          - any other Apple Lightning device.
        • Not compatible with:
          iPhone 4/4s or similar devices with 30 pin dock connector.
          - iPad Pro 3rdGen models or similar devices with USB-C connector.
        • Length: 60 cm (2 feet)
        • Hint: For a perfect experience, make sure to first connect the female connector to your audio dock or other Lightning-equipped accessory before you connect the male connector to your iPhone, iPod or iPad.
        • Note: Fast-charging only possible with supported iPad & iPhone models using a) an original Apple USB-C to Lightning cable and b) a 29W, 61W, or 87W Apple USB-C Power Adapter or comparable Power Delivery-compliant USB-C charging accessory.

      product video shows standard dockXtender Lightning cable which lacks charging indicator and other features