LilySpots mini, Original travel disinfection and cleaning agent at the touch of a button

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Cleanliness by electrolysis: Mobile cleaning power you can trust!

Lilyspots is a novel product that allows you to create disinfectant solution wherever you may be. Whether in the office or during travels, you will be able to make fresh disinfectant from table salt and water in a few seconds. Add a tissue and clean your smart phone or tablet with confidence. Or wipe off your luggage after retrieving it from airport handling. Or any other of dozens of cases where you feel better after having disinfected your belongings from exposure to unknown people!

At the touch of a button, Lilyspots creates a sterilising cleaning solution from simple table salt and water, which can be used universally. Depending on the duration of electrolysis, you get diluted disinfectant for hand hygiene or more concentrated cleaning water for restoring surface hygiene, e.g. for smartphones or tablets.

Lilyspots is ideal in the office or when travelling - fresh detergent is always to hand wherever you are - and the miniature footprint of a large thumb or oversize lipstick won't overload any handbag, either!

And there are no expensive refill packs required, works with the cheapest table salt you can buy (common salt, not included). Recharging the unit is easy, too. Use any power bank, USB power supply or even USB-C smartphones that will power external devices!

Even the spray nozzle can be replaced with any M24 standard spray nozzle, should it ever stop giving you the performance you expect!

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