FM Radio Receiver for Sounddock and other 30 pin Docking Speakers

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This Kordier FM receiver turns your trusty Bose Sounddock (and also those magnificent Sounddock 10 units!) into an FM Stereo Radio.

Pressing the single button while docking the Kordier adapter will launch an automatic station scan, which will leave you listening to the first station available. Pressing the single button again will move you forward through available stations. Double-click will move you backwards and a long hold will mute/unmute- it doesn't get any simpler than that!

If your docking speaker has a remote you can use that for adjusting radio station or volume, mute/unmute with the indicator LED on the Kordier receiver flashing blue accordingly.

The Kordier FM receiver is widely compatible even outside docking speakers. Using the included stereo cable and a simple USB power supply (not included) you are able to connect it to the input on nearly any stereo unit that has a standard 3.5 mm stereo input jack.

On docking speakers with the legacy 30 pin dock connector the Kordier FM receiver will only work if the docking speaker is an analog unit - these simply play anything that is docked to the docking speaker straight from Line In - check the attached picture for a list of more than 70 fully tested compatible models. That same chart will also provide information on 3 incompatible remotes and 7 incompatible Digital Audio docking speakers that will not work - digital audio docks will not play music unless they are able to "talk" to the docked product first.

Note: The Kordier FM Receiver is best used in a stationary setting with strong FM radio stations. An external antenna cord is possible but it will block the Audio Out stereo jack.