CableJive Offers MediaFlow, a Cable to Connect Your Smartphone of Tablet to your HDTV


High Quality Video and Audio from your portable device to your TV

Boston, MA, November 13, 2013 - CableJive responds to customer demand by providing a cable to connect a smartphone or tablet to a HDTV. MediaFlow delivers high-definition video and digital audio to a large screen HDTV or projector from an Android device. When connected, the cable displays a high-definition mirror image of the mobile device screen and the device is charged simultaneously.

The cable has a HDMI connection on one end and both a USB and micro USB connection on the other end. An included adapter is used to connect Samsung S4, S3, S2, (all versions) and Note 1 and Note 2 (all versions) to a HDTV or home theater system. The cable sends audio and video signals from the device to a HDTV through an HDMI connection and supports up to 1080p high-definition video.

The cable employs MHL, Media High-Definition Link, a growing standard to deliver HD digital images, Youtube videos, applications, gaming or other media stored on a mobile device to a large TV or projector. The list of MHL-enabled devices has grown significantly over the last year and includes Samsung, HTC, and LG smartphones and tablets.

“The number of MHL-enabled mobile devices has grown significantly and our customer base continues to evolve as Samsung and other Android devices grow in market share,” said Mike Kruckenberg, founder and President of CableJive. “We want to offer Samsung users and all other MHL-enabled Androids the latest industry innovations.”

MediaFlow, produced by Skiva, is white and is 2m in length for convenient use with HDTV and home theater systems. CableJive also offers HDMI extension cables in 8 inch, 3 ft., 6 ft. lengths for those requiring longer length cables.

CableJive will offer MediaFlow HD-X3 $24.95.

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CableJive creates seriously useful cables and adapters for passionate music and electronics enthusiasts all over the world.  In 2006, CableJive’s culture was born in an attic with a soldering iron and a very simple, yet genius, idea to enable a wider variety of portable music players to be handheld while connected to SoundDock speaker systems.  Early to market, dockBoss set the stage for many unique and high quality products from CableJive, including dockXtender, dockStubz, iStubz, and dockboss air, a wireless adapter for iPod docks.  CableJive has moved into an office space in Malden, MA, but still breaks out the soldering iron and electronics multi-tester to build and test new products based on requests from our loyal customer base.


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