CableJive Announces dockBoss air, Wireless Music Receiver for iPod and iPhone docks

dockBoss air Adapts Existing Speaker Docks to Deliver High Quality Audio; Works with iPhone5 and Android Devices


Malden, MA November 13, 2012 - Today, CableJive LLC launches dockBoss air, a wireless music receiver for iPod and iPhone audio docks.  dockBoss air adapts existing docks for use with iPhone 5 and Android phones, such as Samsung III.  dockBoss air is compatible with all Apple, Android and Windows operating systems that are Bluetooth enabled, which includes smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.  By using the Bluetooth AD2P protocol, dockBoss air delivers high quality audio from mobile devices.  

dockBoss air, available now for $34.95, plugs into existing speaker docks, which means that users can continue to use their speaker dock indefinitely.   Using the Bluetooth AD2P protocol, dockBoss air enables high quality audio with mobility of up to 33 feet.  A wireless connection makes it even easier to listen to high quality audio when listening to music, watching movies, YouTube videos, or playing video games from a handheld device.

dockBoss air is a super lightweight adapter that measures just over 1” square and is powered by the dock system so it does not require batteries or charging.  dockBoss air can be used with home speaker docks, portable stereo systems and car audio systems.  dockBoss air also works with desktops and laptops that previously required an auxiliary cable or a line out cable to connect to a speaker dock.

CableJive’s founder and President, Mike Kruckenberg said, “dockBoss air gives life to the audio docks in the market today.  As the Lightning connector, iPhone 5, and Samsung phones and tablets penetrate the market, our customers need an affordable solution to adapt their existing speaker docks to the next generation of devices. dockBoss air is the way to get all devices connected. The dock lives on.”

"CableJive has consistently launched products that give iPhone users more flexibility and control when connected to an audio dock or charge/sync cable.  We look forward to offering CableJive's wireless option to both Apple and Android customers  and expect wide acceptance based on our long relationship with CableJive," said Dr. Roderich Bott of Dr. Bott KG (



"At Mobilefun, we have been delighting iPhone users for years by providing connectivity through CableJive’s solutions. We very much look forward to offering dockBoss air, a wireless solution," said Mark Riley, Head of Marketing for Mobile Fun, a leading UK online retailer of mobile phones and accessories.


dockBoss air is available now at the CableJive web store:


High resolution images of dockBoss air can be found here:


About dockBoss


The dockBoss suite of products connect any device with a headphone jack to an iPhone or iPod audio dock.  dockBoss+ includes charge and sync functionality for Apple products.  dockBoss+ iPhone 5 Kit offers charge and an audio connection to your iPod or iPhone speaker dock. dockBoss air connects wirelessly from Apple, Android and Windows phones, tablets, and computers.

About CableJive

CableJive creates seriously useful cables and adapters for passionate music and electronics enthusiasts all over the world.  In 2006, CableJive’s culture was born in an attic with a soldering iron and a very simple, yet genius, idea to enable a wider variety of portable music players to be handheld while connected to SoundDock speaker systems.  Early to market, dockBoss set the stage for many unique and high quality products from CableJive, including dockXtender, dockStubz, iStubz, ProJive and dockBoss Plus.  CableJive has moved into an office space in Malden, MA, but still breaks out the soldering iron and electronics multi-tester to build and test new products based on requests from our loyal customer base. 

About Dr. Bott KG

Dr. Bott KG , headquartered in Germany, are international distributors with 16 years of experience in bringing new product categories to users who seek to make the most out of their computers and mobile devices.


About Mobile Fun


Birmingham based is the UK's biggest online retailer of Mobile Accessories, Mobile Phones, Ringtones and Mobile Java Games.


Media Contact:   Erica Palm, Director of Marketing and Communications, CableJive LLC 

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