CableJive and 2point5 Partner to Deliver 4th Generation spec.dock


spec.dock Product Line Manufactured Exclusively with CableJive dockXtender Cables

Boston, MA, June 4, 2014 - CableJive, LLC (, a leading manufacturer of high-quality iPhone and Android cables and adapters, and 2point5, LLC (, the industry leader in automotive iPod and iPhone integration, have announced a partnership to exclusively include CableJive’s dockXtender cables in the entire spec.dock product line offered by 2point5, shipping in June 2014.

This relationship enables the spec.dock to be used with all iPod and iPhone models, including iPhone 5/5s/5c and iPad Air.

"What we needed was a high quality solution to the problem of connecting a Lightning-equipped device to the car," company founder Randy Lively said Tuesday, "and CableJive's dockXtender was the perfect answer to our problem."

“spec.dock is a quality product from a reputable company and we are very proud to be part of their product offering,” said Erica Palm, Director of Marketing. “Our customers are looking to connect their iOS devices to their car audio systems and with this relationship we are part of an integrated solution to deliver high-quality car audio. This is a excellent complement to our existing product line of cables and adapters that connect car audio systems to iPhones and Androids.”

All 4th generation spec.dock models shipping June 1 and beyond will feature CableJive's dockXtender in 30-pin or Lightning version. Customers will now be able to purchase a spec.dock that works perfectly with their car's audio system for a dramatically reduced price of $129 - up to $60 less than previous versions.

The move couldn't come at a better time, as Apple's CarPlay system is rolling out this Summer in OEM form from companies such as Volvo, BMW, Ford, Honda, Toyoyta and Nissan, to name a few. Aftermarket companies are getting involved as well, with Pioneer being the first to market with a line of CarPlay equipped in-dash units. The 4th gen spec.dock models will connect directly to any system with a Lightning connector with no extra parts needed, giving CarPlay users the best possible iPod and iPhone experience in their cars.

More information on CableJive, 2point5, spec.dock and Apple CarPlay can be found here: