CableJive Announces xlSync

Extra Long Sync Cable for iPhone, iPod, and iPad

Malden, MA - June 14th 1st, 2011 - Today CableJive LLC adds xlSync, an extra long sync and charge cable to their lineup of iPhone, iPod, and iPad accessories. xlSync measures 6.5 feet (2 meters) and lets you charge and sync your iPhone, iPod, or iPad from a greater distance.

xlSync works the same as the out-of-the-box cable that comes with the iPhone, iPod, and iPad, but extends the reach further. The cable allows users to charge an iPad while reading it on the couch, sync their iPod to a computer across a long desk, or talk on their iPhone while it's connected to a wall charger plugged in on a low wall outlet.

xlSync has the same sophisticated look and feel that iPad owners are accustomed to, but inside contains wire guaged big enough to fully handle the required 2.1 amp charge over the longer 6.5 foot distance. iPad owners will find their devices charging just as fast with the xlSync as it does with the standard cable provided in the box.

xlSync housings are durable and have a small form factor that allows the connector to fit into any case, cover or skin on the planet. Yes, that means this cable even fits inside narrow, rigid openings on cases like the Otterbox Defender or the Apple bumper case. Leave your case on while syncing and charging from an extra distance.

xlSync is available in white and black and is available from the CableJive web store.

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