CableJive Announces duraSync

The World's Most Durable Sync Cable for iPod and iPhone

Malden, MA - September 25th 2009 - Today CableJive LLC added duraSync, a premium sync cable, to their line of iPod and iPhone line accessories. duraSync is the world's toughest sync cable for iPod and iPhone, and is backed by CableJive's lifetime warranty.

The construction of the duraSync cable leaves nothing exposed. At each end the connectors and internal circuitry are housed in dual-layer protection; the first an impact-resistant plastic to protect the internals, the second a heavy-duty rubber outer shell. The cable itself is wrapped in a braided wire shield and coated with heavy-duty rubber outer shell.

While durability is the ultimate goal with duraSync, the cable doesn't comprimize on form or function. The clear housing and cable coating let the silver of the underlying parts show through, giving a refined look to the cable. The silver duraSync looks good with any iPod or iPhone color, and works with all iPod and iPhone models except the iPod shuffle.

For iPhone and iPod users around the globe who've had their flimsy sync cable fall apart, rip, get crushed, or stop functioning for any reason, the duraSync promises to be the last sync cable you'll ever purchase.

duraSync is available immediately from the CableJive web store.