CableJive Announces duaLink

Sync and Charge Splitter Cable for iPod and iPhone

Malden, MA - November 27th 2009 - Today CableJive LLC added duaLink, a sync splitter cable, to their line of iPod and iPhone line accessories. duaLink allows syncing and charging for two portable Apple devices from a single USB port. duaLink is backed by CableJive's lifetime warranty.

duaLink is USB 2.0 compatible and has a USB hub right in the connector that coordinates connecting, syncing, and charging of both devices at the same time.

Many individuals or households have multiple portable Apple devices, but a scarce number of USB ports. Business travelers may have an iPod Nano for exercising and an iPhone for working, but also have a camera, security device, and wireless card that need to be connected to their laptop. The average number of portable Apple devices per household is on the rise, mothers and daughters, brothers and sisters, and roommates need to be able to sync and charge more, with less.

Enter duaLink, a sync splitter cable for iPod and iPhone. The duaLink allows you to conenct two Apple devices to a single USB port for syncing and charging.

iTunes users will find that syncing multiple devices at one time is beautiful. iTunes will register both devices at one time, allowing you to select either device to make changes to preferences or change music or videos to sync to the iPod or iPhone. Using the duaLink, iTunes can sync changes to one or both devices at the same time with ease.

duaLink is available immediately from the CableJive web store.