CableJive Announces dockXtender

Dock Extender Cable for iPad, iPhone, and iPod

Malden, MA - May 19th, 2010 - Today CableJive LLC adds dockXtender, a next-generation dock extender cable for iPad, iPhone, and iPod, to their lineup. The 30-pin male to female extension is designed with every use case in mind; it connects all functionality through from your dock to mobile device, is more flexible than imaginable, and works with every case, cover, or skin on the planet. dockXtender is the final answer for all situations where extra docking distance is needed.

To support all uses, dockXtender passes full 30-pin functionality through from your dock or other accessory to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod. Anything your iPod does when directly attached to your accessory, it also does when connected using the dockXtender. Listen to audio, watch video, record a memo with an external mic, charge, sync, control your device, and more.

The dockXtender has custom-molded connector housings that enable it to fit into every case, cover, or skin on the planet. Yes, that includes fitting inside narrow, rigid openings on cases like the Otterbox Defendertm. You no longer need to take the case off when docking your iPad, iPhone, or iPod.

Even with full 30-pin functionality, this cable is thinner and more flexible than you can imagine. The dockXtender cable can bend, twist, or wind in whatever way you need. Each wire in the dockXtender is tailored specifically for the function it performs. A revolutionary 2-tier shielding system puts all video and audio signals inside a separate shielding to reduce interference from the other signals traveling through the wire.

Watch the the official dockXtender video.

dockXtender is available in 2 and 6-foot lengths from the CableJive web store.

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