CableJive Announces dockStubz

Charge Converter and 30-pin Pass Through Adapter for iPhone, iPod, and iPad

Malden, MA - September 1st, 2010 - Today CableJive LLC adds dockStubz, a charge converter and 30-pin pass-through adapter, to their lineup of iPhone, iPod, and iPad accessories. dockStubz is a short adapter that let’s you charge and sync with the case on. This adapter provides full functionality pass-through, includes charge conversion to let your mobile device work with older speakers and docking stations, and has a mini USB plug on the side for power injection and other USB connections.

dockStubz passes full 30-pin functionality through from your dock or other accessory to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod. Anything your iPod does when directly attached to your accessory, it also does when connected using the dockStubz. Listen to audio, watch video, record a memo with an external mic, charge, sync, control your device, and more.

dockStubz has a custom-molded housings that enable it to fit into small case, cover or skin openings. Yes, that means it fits inside narrow, rigid openings on cases like the Otterbox Defendertm. You no longer need to take the case off when docking your iPad, iPhone, or iPod.

dockStubz also includes charge conversion circuitry for older docks and accessories that use Firewire for charging. Safely connect your mobile device to any dock and get the charging you need.

dockStubz is 1.3 inches (3.5cm) tall, weighs .7 ounces, and is available from the CableJive web store.

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