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+USB Line Out Dock Cable

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  • Product Description

    High-fidelity line-level audio.
    +USB Line Out Dock Cable lets you get high-quality line level audio from the 30-Pin dock connector of your iPad, iPhone, or iPod while allowing you to charge your device simultaneously.

    Power and play simultaneously.
    With a male 30-pin connector that attaches to the bottom of your iPad, iPhone, or iPod on one end, the other end splits into a male 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo audio plug and a standard male USB connector. Plug the audio end into a home, portable, or car stereo to listen to high quality line-level audio. Connect the USB end to a compatible 5V USB charger to power your device.

    Reach your connections.
    Approx. 3 ft. long in total, with split Audio and USB connections so you can reach both your audio and charging ports. Designed to work especially well in car-audio setups with available AUX and USB connections.

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  • Specs and Compatibility

    Product Specifications

    • Connections: Male 30-Pin connector to split male USB & male 3.5mm (1/8 in) connectors (shown in image below).
    • Length: 3 feet (1 meter) of total cable length (see image below for split lengths).
    • Color: White
    • Features: Provides beautiful, high-quality line-level audio. Durable construction.
    • Compatible with: All 30-Pin iPad, iPhone, and iPod models.

    Color & Length:

    • This cable is only available in white currently (despite the black cable shown in the image below)
    • It is a "Y-Style" cable. Please refer to the image below for split & length breakdown:
    • cablejive-usblineoutdock2.jpg

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