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dockXtender Lightning 2 foot
dockXtender Lightning 2 foot dockXtender Lightning 2 foot
dockXtender Lightning 2 foot ensemble dockXtender Lightning 2 foot ensemble
dockXtender Lightning closeup dockXtender Lightning closeup
dockXtender Lightning 6 foot dockXtender Lightning 6 foot

dockXtender Lightning

$29.95 (60 cm / 2 feet length)
$34.95 (180 cm / 6 feet length)
Currently available:
Long (180 cm / 6 feet) on (Amazon UK)
Short (60 cm / 2 feet) on (Amazon UK)

Leave your case on
Connect to all your accessories or docking stations without having to remove your case. Choose from 2 foot and 6 foot lengths to work for your business, car, or home.

Made for iPhone X / 8 / 7 / SE, iPad Air, iPad Pro and all other Lightning Devices.
Made for folks using protective cases at home, small businesses using iPads or iPhones in protective cases, or car audio integration, dockXtender lets you keep your case on to charge, sync, or deliver content. dockXtender passes through all audio, video, and application data to the phone.

dockXtender connects you to all to your accessories.
A durable cable and strong connector housings will withstand constant daily use. Designed to work with the most protective cases for personal or business use.
  • Specs and Compatibility

    Product Specifications: Lightning dockXtender

    • Compatible with: Accessories equipped with Apple Lightning charging connection, such as audio docks, card readers, external microphones, charge stations.
      *This product does NOT work with 30-pin accessories, 30-pin audio docks or 30-pin charge stations (these were made for iPhone 4 and older iOS devices).
    • Use with: iPhone X, iPhone 8 plus, iPhone 8, iPhone SE, iPad Pro or any other Apple Lightning phone or tablet. Not compatible with iPhone 4/4s or earlier.
    • Length (2 distinct products): 60 cm (2 feet) or 180 cm (6 feet)
    • Hint: For a perfect experience, make sure to first connect the female connector to your audio dock or other Lightning-equipped accessory before you connect the male connector to your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

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